Case Studies

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Case Study 1

Alteration Modelling in an Operating Mine with historically
unreliable alteration model.

  1. CLIENT SITUATION - An operating mine had an unreliable alteration model and spectral interpretation results that conflicted with the XRD data.
  2. aiSIRIS RESPONSE - The company reprocessed their historical IR data and rebuilt their alteration model. They now use aiSIRIS as part of their ongoing operations.
  3. CLIENT OUTCOME - Improved understanding of the alteration system has allowed better modelling and planning for ongoing and future mine production.

“The quantitative nature of the new aiSIRIS spectral data outputs combined with the powerful, rapid 3D modelling capabilities of implicit modelling software have given us the necessary tools to advance the geological, geotechnical and geometallurgical models at Kişladağ and to improve the efficiency of mining and processing in the future.”

Tim Baker, Chief Geoscientist, Eldorado Gold

Request article: S McKinley, T Baker and Y Öztaş. 2017. TENTH INTERNATIONAL MINING GEOLOGY CONFERENCE 2017 / HOBART, TASMANIA, 20–22 SEPTEMBER 2017 51


Case Study 2

Alteration Modeling for Mine Planning in Complex Geology with limited in-house Interpretation Skills.

  1. CLIENT SITUATION - A new discovery with complex geology required detailed alteration modeling for evaluation and planning. In-house interpretation had proved inadequate to extract all relevant mineral information from the spectral data. 
  2. aiSIRIS RESPONSE - Used aiSIRIS to interpret over 40,000 historical spectra from a collection of drill holes and pulp samples.
  3. CLIENT OUTCOME - Gained a deeper understanding of the alteration system and its extent.  

'aiSIRIS has given us a leap in understanding, in a complex data set.'

Regional Manager Project Generation, Global mining and resources company

Case Study 3

Global standardisation of spectral geology analysis
and reporting across a company.

  1. CLIENT SITUATION - Large inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the reporting of spectral mineralogy results across the company meant that it was not possible to get the information into the company database to integrate with other data sets. 
  2. aiSIRIS RESPONSE - Adopted aiSIRIS globally in all sites using spectrometers, for standard reporting and analysis workflow.
  3. CLIENT OUTCOME - Standardised workflow and outputs allows the aiSIRIS results to be directly incorporated into the company database, making for easy integration with other geological data sets and easy storage of valuable mineral information.  

“aiSIRIS provides consistency in spectral processing and QA, interpretation and reporting so we can trust the aiSIRIS results to go directly into our database.”

Sue Drieberg, Principal Geochemist, Rio Tinto


Case Study 4

Alteration Modeling in a Large, Complex Porphyry System.

  1. CLIENT SITUATION - Needed to create an alteration model for a large, complex porphyry system.                            
  2. aiSIRIS RESPONSE - Adopted aiSIRIS as a standard interpretation solution for detailed mineralogy and integrated it with their assay data set.
  3. CLIENT OUTCOME - Integration with the multielement geochemistry data set allowed them to gain an in depth understanding of the alteration system.

'I was pretty impressed with the results! It is great merging the data with the chemistry because that also gives a proxy for the feldspar compositions and abundance.'

Scott Halley, Mineral Mapping