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Spectral Geology Made Easy

Cloud-based AI spectral interpretation for portable spectrometer data.
Used on 100+ minex sites around the world.

"aiSIRIS is a step change"
Paul Agnew, Chief Geologist, Rio Tinto

"aiSIRIS allowed us to unlock the full value of the spectral data."  
Chief Geologist, Global mining and resources company



IMDEX enhances real-time rock knowledge offering with strategic acquisition of AusSpec

Overview of aiSIRIS

aiSIRIS makes it easy for anyone who uses portable spectrometers in their operations to have cost-effective, complete, fast, quantitative, and standardised interpretations of spectral data that integrates with existing workflows.

As an SOP, aiSIRIS offers standardised outputs of complete mineralogy and analytics that can be trusted for detailed alteration and geomet modelling across all sites. 

aiSIRIS is a cloud-based spectral interpretation AI solution for portable spectrometer data. aiSIRIS has been developed by AusSpec from 25+ years experience applying the technology in mining and exploration applications. 


Scalable pricing on a per spectrum basis.

“The low price per sample provides outstanding added value.” - Sean McKinley, Eldorado Gold


Receive 8 minerals rather than one or two.

“This is revolutionary as far as i am concerned. We can now get beyond mineral 1&2 and start talking about the implication of the complete results.” - Chief Geologist, Global mining and resources company 


The system can deliver 1000's of results per day.

"Amazingly good to be able to view our results so fast." -Regional Manager, Global mining and resources company 


Quantitative measures of mineral spectral abundance.

“The quantitative outputs allow rapid implicit modelling of the distribution of individual minerals.” - Tim Baker, Eldorado Gold


Allows for repeatability and predictability of process between sites and over time.

"We can trust the aiSIRIS results to go directly into our database.” - Sue Drieberg, Principal Geochemist, Rio Tinto


Comprehensive mineral information and quantitative outputs can easily be integrated with other datasets and allow rapid implicit modelling of the distribution of individual minerals.

"The combination of 4 acid digest ICP-MS data from ALS with the aiSIRIS spectral analysis is fantastic. These are very complementary data sets; each shows things that the other cannot measure.” - Scott Halley, Mineral Mapping


aiSIRIS as a Standard Operating Procedure

As an SOP, aiSIRIS gives companies complete, standardised mineralogy output and analytics through the aiSIRIS app that are verified for databasing throughout the lifetime of the project.

Use Anywhere

Manage per-user access rights to all company projects globally.

Project datasets and results are kept synchronised across all users.

Easy to Use

No specialist skills required.

In-field, off-line or on-line.

QA/QC all acquired spectral data in real-time to ensure data quality early.

Template Reporting

Numerous templates to match your specific geolgical settings.

Standardised csv output.

Easy to sync between sites to enable team workflows.

aiSIRIS app

QA/QC, upload, download, analyse - all in one place.

The aiSIRIS app is freely available to anyone within a client company to view and share data.


How aiSIRIS works

aiSIRIS is as easy as 1-2-3 view



Acquire spectra from TerraSpec, Halo, oreXpress or other hand-held spectrometers. QA/QC spectra to ensure quality for processing in real-time. 



Just upload the data - no technical skills required. Our cloud-based aiSIRIS AI compute engine analyses your spectra. 



Download results straight to the aiSIRIS desktop app for review. Collaborate with team members and export results into your existing workflow.



Results and spectra are saved in the cloud for easy sharing between company geoscientists globally. 

Getting started with aiSIRIS 

aiSIRIS is a SaaS product with a tiered consumption pricing model.  
Prices start at USD$3.50 / spectrum


30 minute Skype session.
Overview of aiSIRIS app.


500 spectra.
Download results from the Cloud.
aiSIRIS app.

Sign up

Standard proposal pricing, T&C's. 
Global coverage.

Multiple sites.
Unlimited licences of aiSIRIS app.



Tim Baker,
Chief Geologist, Eldorado Gold

“aiSIRIS allowed us to quantitatively assess our spectral data. [With implicit modelling], the relationships between these domains and critical features, such as gold grades, recoveries and geotech characteristics, can easily be examined resulting in much more robust and detailed models.”


Paul Agnew,
Chief Geologist,
Rio Tinto

"aiSIRIS is a step change."


Chief Geologist, Global mining and resources company 

“This is revolutionary as far as I am concerned. We can now get beyond mineral 1&2 and start talking about the implication of the complete results."


Chief Geologist, Global mining and resources company 

“aiSIRIS allows you to maintain a knowledge base across a company.”


Chief Geochemist, large uranium minex company 

"We have better things to do than look at spectra, aiSIRIS is more accurate and more rigorous.”


Sean McKinley
Mine Manager
Eldorado Gold

“The low price per sample provides outstanding added value.”

Case Studies

About Us

AusSpec is the developer of aiSIRIS. Since 1990, AusSpec has played a vital role in changing the way the mining and exploration industry processes spectral data. AusSpec was instrumental in the development of the TSG software and the GMEX Spectral manuals. Our philosophy has always been focussed on improving the way spectral data are handled by the user. Putting the user first AusSpec has delivered these products through training systems that have allowed large corporations to trust the technology and understand the role these kinds of data play in the exploration and mining environment.

On 22 July 2020, leading global Mining-Tech company, Imdex Limited acquired AusSpec International Limited. The decision to bring IMDEX and AusSpec together represents a new way of thinking about data, aiSIRIS provides an in-depth understanding of the alteration mineralogy of an ore system from the outset of a project that integrates with other geological datasets. Most importantly to us here at AusSpec is that this acquisition also fits in well with our vision of making spectral geology available to all geologists. This is because IMDEX has a global distribution network that will allow the aiSIRIS platform to be scaled quickly and reach a broader market as well as providing local technical support for our existing aiSIRIS customers. Not only this, but aiSIRIS also complements IMDEX’s existing In-Field GeoAnalysis solutions and integrates with IMDEX’s geochemistry analysis software: ioGAS™. Further developments of aiSIRIS leading to more seamless integration with ioGAS™ will allow our users to get increasingly more out of the spectral mineralogy data provided by aiSIRIS.

IMDEX is a leading Mining-Tech company, which enables successful and cost-effective operations from exploration to production. The Company develops cloud-connected sensors and drilling optimisation products to improve the process of identifying and extracting mineral resources for drilling contractors and resource companies globally.

Sasha Pontual

Paul Gamson


the aiSIRIS story

"For 30 years I have been fortunate to have played a part in the evolution of spectral technology advancement starting from the early PIMA spectrometers, to developing TSG, the GMEX spectral manuals, GESSL and commercialising the hylogging systems. During this time I have seen the industry take on board these technologies and seen improvements in the way we understand mineralogy and its contribution to alteration.
That said, I have felt that many of the gathered spectral datasets have been massively underutilised and industry has not truly benefited from the kind of information that spectral data offers. Knowing this I was inspired to develop the aiSIRIS processing system to transform an undervalued dataset into a truly useful and dynamic space, from which accurate and standardised data can contribute to better and more informed decisions.
I am very excited about the new opportunities for digital mineralogy that the IMDEX acquisition of AusSpec brings to our industry, particularly that this partnership will allow us to realise the AusSpec vision of making spectral mineralogy accessible to all geoscientists." 

Sasha Pontual, Co-founder, AusSpec



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