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Our Timeline


PIMA protoytype

AusSpec field tested prototype field spectrometer
developed by Integrated Spectronics. 


Commercialisation of PIMA

 A long road trip around Australia.


Development of TSG software

An AusSpec consortium funded project to develop a commercial spectral processing package, AusSpec designed an interface to front an early piece of spectral processing software (called XSpectra), which became “TSG”. Since then AusSpec has worked closely with CSIRO developing and beta testing variants of TSG (Viewer, Lite and Core) and has provided CSIRO with a business platform to market and sell TSG worldwide. 


The Kaolinite Crystallinity index (K index)

(AusSpec internal project SDP001): Consortium funded development of a new methodology for processing and standardizing and understanding lateritic weathering profiles in Australia.


GMEX spectral analysis guides

Spectral Analysis Guides for Mineral Exploration. Designed to serve as a quick and comprehensive reference for geoscientists involved in the analysis of SWIR and vis-NIR spectra in mineral exploration and mining applications. (2003 GMEX v2, 2008 GMEX v3). Referred to as “the bible” for spectral analysis.


Commercialisation of Hylogger

AusSpec and CSIRO: 2 year contract to commercialise Hylogging technologies.


Bringing spectral data to the geochem lab

AusSpec and AMMTEC (now ALS global) develop
service of spectral hylogging data. 



aiSIRIS (AI Spectral InfraRed Interpretation System) developed to rapidly process mineralogical data from large volumes of spectra and output mineral assemblage classifications and mineral specific parameters.


Geochemistry and spectral data come together

AusSpec and ALS develop a commercial partnership to process spectral data using aiSIRIS at ALS labs globally. 


Real time: a world first

World first installation of aiSIRIS into major mine project in WA to provide real time processing of spectral data.


aiSIRIS - commercial release